Sustainable Mindful



Hand-crafted with love, for you.


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Explore the roots of Yoga. Immerse in Nature. Breathe in Tranquility. Delight in Indian Spices.
Drown in your senses. Travel the sustainable way. Connect with yourself.
Come join us for a journey within and without.

We custom design, plan and facilitate educational experiences, workshops and trips with a focus on Mindfulness, Sustainability and Wellness using Immersive Travel, Yoga, Nature, Outdoors, Culture and Challenges as mediums.



“Yoga is more than Asanas/poses; Yoga is a way of life.”
Learn from experienced teachers who live Yoga as a daily lifestyle: a young Guiness World Record holder from Mysuru who spends his time in the mountains, a 60+ year old healer, therapist and Yoga teacher who is as fit and flexible as it gets, and a teacher who adapts each class to match a student’s constitution, needs, and harmonizes the postures and breaths according to the season and time of day.



Walk through lush evergreen rainforests and straight into the clouds in a 150 million year old mountain range; discover vibrantly colored beings of all forms/sizes in one of the world’s 8 biodiversity hotspots; splash around in private streams and waterfalls… and find your inner child somewhere on the way.


Outdoor Happiness

The world is your Oyster - Hike, climb or run to your hearts desire with over 20 remote hiking trails starting from our homestay, participate safely in silent mindful walks through the forest deep in the night - without a flashlight, learn to kiss the earth and hike barefoot in the mountains, learn how to ID frogs, birds, butterflies… and the occasional humans!



“Go explore a new culture, see a new way of laughing, cry for somebody else’s troubles… and you may just learn to live happily with your own.”
36 provinces each with their own culture and traditions; more than 19500 languages and dialects spoken as mother tongues; A Saharan desert to evergreen rainforests to 8000+ Metre Himalayan peaks to 4671 Miles of coastal line - needless to say there is a lot to learn



An entire country that runs primarily on vegetarian food - how in the world can they make that appetising?! Come home to the subtle taste of 100s of different spices perfectly blended in each dish, recipes designed over 1000s of years to lure saints by their sensual fragrances, to cultures built around local & sustainable eating habits and discover why a country was colonised because of its spices.



We believe in learning through continuously and compassionately challenging oneself. Hence, everything in our programs is designed with a basic level of challenge for oneself, right from travelling to a developing country to exploring and adjusting to a diffrent culture, a different food, to challening your persectives in Yoga sessions with unorthodox teachers and pushing yourself with outdoor challenges. It is beautiful, fun, enriching and yes, challenging.

We strive to create experiences and learning spaces that foster an inner and outer landscape of mindfulness, balance, sustainability, compassion, and hope.

Through the above stated goals we hope to contribute to the betterment of:

  • Our Earth & Environment
  • Our Communities
  • Our Clients
  • Our Collaborators/Partners
  • Ourselves
  • And the extended world touched by each of the above stakeholders!


“All that we are and all that we want is naught but what our core beliefs, our values, and our experiences call forth” - Pumpkin

Believing the above to be true, we created this organisation around values that we hold dear, the same values that define our personal mission as changemakers. We hope to remain true to our values and in doing so work towards our goals as educators.

  • Honesty and the pursuit of true knowledge
  • Compassion for all
  • Respect for all
  • Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Fair trade
  • Sustainability and minimalism wherever possible
  • Generosity of spirit and material abundance



In order to live up to these lofty ideals, we utilize a special recipe to ensure optimal results, with minimal unnecessary risk, and ample space and time to digest and integrate these new experiences.

Without an element of fun, humor, and play, even the most enticing of new challenges can quickly become mechanical drudgery. We utilize a light-hearted approach, sprinkling in games and activities to support each of us in stepping into the safe edge of our comfort zones and seeing life from a different point of view (sometimes even upside down!). After all, who wants to become enlightened if it means no longer laughing at our own ridiculousness? Not me!


We are firm believers that growth, wisdom, and new experiences can bloom best within fertile and well prepped soil. Traveling to new countries, trying new activities (like yoga, pranayama, meditation, trekking, ecstatic dancing, coffee bean plucking, etc.), and taking in new sights, smells, and cuisines, can all be exciting novelties that stimulate those happiness hormones to make us feel alive and well. Sometimes, however, these very things can also walk us to the edge of discomfort and challenge our very ideas of self, other, and existence itself, at times in ways that can be disorienting or isolating (many of us have been there!). We design each trip and day within it to help ease the mind and nervous system into such experiences with a sense of safety, preparation, information, and permission to “opt out” at any moment. Providing a detailed itinerary of each day, with our plans and backup plans (which are always needed when traveling!), help support this transparency. Ensuring that each participant has necessary insurance, vaccines, and medicines that may be needed for travel is another way to build in this safety. We are not believers that trauma is the best teacher. On the contrary, we see tempered opportunities, with invitation, safety, and community support, as a way to walk into those more unknown places within ourselves, and sometimes our memories, to safely heal from trauma, create space for realizations, and to nurture our own inner creativity and brilliance.


A challenge and test of our times seems to be finding the space to pause, reflect, digest, and integrate new experiences and information. Often life can seem like a blur of whirring “to dos” (including checking off the annual vacation or adventure!) and a growing list of knowledge, apps, and facts vying for our attention. While perpetual access to endless knowledge is and should be a gift, without the encouragement of culture and community to take necessary breaks for silence, pause, reflection, etc., we can all fall prey to biting off more than our nervous system should actually be digesting. This can often leave us more unplugged from ourselves while staying plugged into everyone and everything else. Symptoms of this disconnect mimic the grocery list of growing mental health and physical challenges facing the world-over (depression, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, chronic fatigue, etc.). To help ameliorate these symptoms, these excursions provide ample space for both individual and group periods of reflection, processing, and good old “discussing” to digest what we are taking in (from the sights and smells to the food and somatic experiences- both afronting and pleasing). We will introduce each group to various methods for processing (ranging from art and journaling, to speaking, meditating, and moving as a form of finding voice and integration). In short, we aren’t the type of trip guides who will overpack the experience with either our own egos or endless activities to keep you occupied. There will be a natural ebb and flow to the rhythm of each day and experience, that we aim to support each of you in tailoring to your particular needs and hopes.